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DIY Pet Costumes for Halloween

Make sure your dog or cat enjoys the Halloween festivities this year with these 3 DIY costume ideas.

Back in the day Halloween meant dressing up as your favorite characters, going around the neighborhood trick-or-treating, and getting way too hyped up on sugar. Now that we’re grown ups Halloween doesn’t have to be all that much different. Instead of trick-or-treating there are tons of Halloween parties in the Kansas City area to choose from, and instead of candy you can have a more…potent…witch’s brew.

One part of being an adult at Halloween that you may or may not be able to enjoy is dressing up your little ones in cute outfits and show them off to your neighbors. Well, with these easy ideas you can get that feeling while showing off your furbaby instead! Even though we are getting down to the wire for costume creation, with just a little creativity and a touch of DIY know-how you don’t even have to brave the crowded costume shops to include your furry friend this Halloween.

Basic “Dog”:

Depending on what you have available in your closet and what will fit your pup, this could easily be thrown together last minute. All you need is a slouchy hat and a scarf, but feel free to add whatever accessories you have on hand to complete the look. Some good accessory ideas are: sunglasses, an empty paper coffee cup, a cute purse, and a toy cell phone.


This one requires a tiny bit of crafting, but overall is a minimal skill-level project. All you’ll need it a bit of felt and elastic in addition to scissors. These instructions also call for a needle and thread (which means a bit of sewing knowledge), but if you’d rather test your luck on fabric glue this is a no-sew costume. Since you measure the elastic, this could easily work for dogs and cats of all sizes.


If you’re already crafty and want to test your skills with a heftier project, check out this cute cupcake costume! This will most likely require a trip to the local craft store, but if you’re attempting this last minute you’re probably already a regular. Though it does require a bit of sewing, it should only take about an hour from start to finish.

No matter what you decide to dress your pet up as, we want to see it! Find us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in any pictures so we can like and comment on them!


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Oct 26